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What Can Beauty Accelerate Virtual Do For You?

While it remains our goal to meet again in person in the future, there are many advantages to a virtual format. Beauty Accelerate Virtual 2021 will feature an upgraded digital experience to deliver a virtual conference with an intuitive dashboard, on-demand viewing options for global attendees and enhanced interaction with presenters and attendees. The flexibility of scheduling and the opportunity to include suppliers and attendees who would not normally be able to attend the event is a wonderful opportunity for the beauty community.

Webcast Audience Engagement

A virtual event can make networking more accessible than at an in-person meeting. Instead of having to coordinate schedules or track down potential customers in a large convention center, webcast attendees will have many opportunities for public chat, polling and surveys at the click of a button.

Effective Webcast Lead Generation

The digital platform will provide a detailed report of registered attendees who viewed your webcast live and on-demand. The report will be shared 24 hours after your session is completed. This will allow you to conduct more informed follow up after your webcast session.

Webcast Session Options

Highly engaged audiences want highly engaged experiences. With our new virtual event platform we are able to offer the following webcast options:

  • LIVE PowerPoint Presentation and Live Q&A
    • Speaker submits their PowerPoint presentation to be uploaded onto the virtual platform.
    • Speaker gives their PowerPoint presentation LIVE via webcam on the day of the event.
  • Pre-recorded PowerPoint with Presenter Video Inset and Live Q&A
    • Speaker submits their PowerPoint presentation with a pre-recorded video speaker inset to be uploaded into the virtual platform.
    • Speaker is available the day of the event for a LIVE Q&A.
  • Pre-recorded Video Webcast and Live Q&A
    • Speaker submits a pre-recorded video webcast in .wmv or .mp4 format.
    • Speaker is available the day of the event for a LIVE Q&A.

Sponsorship opportunities are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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