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Evonik is a leading supplier of ingredients to the Personal Care industry. With our broad portfolio reach, which includes actives, emulsifiers, emollients, rheology modifiers, preservatives, surfactants, and more, Evonik is able to provide integrated, innovative formula concepts to brands seeking to deliver differentiation with their products.

 Press Releases

  • Evonik has signed a purchase agreement to acquire the privately owned technology-driven company Infinitec Activos, with closing expected by July. The Spanish company focuses on the development and production of novel active delivery systems for cosmetic active ingredient applications. Infinitec Activos will be integrated into the Care Solutions business line of Evonik’s Nutrition & Care division complementing the active delivery systems acquired in 2017.

    • Strong technological and strategic fit supports the portfolio shift of Evonik’s life science division Nutrition & Care towards system solutions
    • Evonik enhances its capabilities to generate new concepts for scientifically substantiated consumer claims
    • Evonik strengthens its existing active delivery business with seven additional proprietary delivery systems and enlarges its bio actives portfolio with several new natural-based active ingredients

    This latest acquisition continues the portfolio shift of Evonik’s life science division Nutrition & Care towards system solutions, which are characterized by high growth prospects and above average margin potential. Nutrition & Care aims to increase the share of system solutions it offers from 20 percent today, to more than 50 percent by 2030.

    “Proven active delivery systems offer great opportunities to innovate new cosmetic ingredients with scientifically proven claims. This allows our personal care customers to differentiate,” said Yann d'Hervé, head of Evonik's Care Solutions business line.

    With its portfolio of natural-based active ingredients and seven delivery systems, the integration of Infinitec Activos into the Care Solutions business line reinforces Evonik’s position as a sustainable specialties partner, while also further strengthening Nutrition & Care’s wide technology platform. By combining its existing actives portfolio with the new delivery systems, Care Solutions’ capabilities to generate new concepts for scientifically substantiated consumer cosmetic claims are significantly enhanced. The integration and roll-out across the existing platform of cosmetic solutions offers strong synergy potential.

    “We are convinced that the synergies created will not only bring benefits to our customers and both companies, but also create new opportunities across the entire personal care and beauty market value chain,” said Alfonso Hidalgo, Partner of Infinitec Activos S.L.

    Infinitec Activos continues the strong acquisition track record of Nutrition & Care. Since 2016, the division has acquired ten companies with strong and complementary technology positions enhancing the entire product portfolio. Their successful integration has opened new markets, accelerated growth and created significant value.

    The acquisition comprises 47 employees working at the company’s Barcelona Science Park head office, its manufacturing facility in Montornés del Vallès (Spain) and at its natural-based raw material producer, Naturethic. Founded in 2004, Infinitec Activos’ research and innovation focusses on building the next generation of cosmetic delivery systems with a highly qualified, science- and marketing-driven team. Customers include both small independent brands as well as global key accounts.

    Infinitec Activos provides customers with individualised products. One example is its renowned, actively targeted, Cosmetic Drone proprietary technology, as well as its next-generation of PLGA (poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid))-based delivery system. The Company’s new generation of actively targeted delivery system decorates surface particles with two peptides for dual-mode cellular targeting, while its core has been loaded with the desired active ingredient. Evonik expects to leverage the intellectual property in adjacent markets such as Health Care where it has already deployed its liposomal delivery technology.

  • Innovation Studio is a technological platform that helps to identify potential combinations of Evonik's active ingredients. With this new digital tool, novel cosmetic products with synergistic activities can be generated, saving costs and time.

    As a specialist in personal care ingredients and formulation concepts for effective skin and hair care products, we combine scientific excellence with passion. That means we always work according to the highest ethical and scientific principles – and we always put our heart into our work.

    Innovation Studio is a technological platform for screening and studying the biological activity of potential cosmetics and dermatological ingredients to develop novel dermocosmetics based on natural products. It has been developed in order to respond to the increasing demand of new cosmetic and dermatological products with defined mechanism of action and efficacy. Using this technology novel products with synergistic activities can be generated, saving costs and time.

    With our Innovation Studio you have access to a platform that integrates data obtained by our claim substantiation capabilities such as in vivo/in vitro claim substantiation as well as from our SimDerma screening platform. Identify potential novel combinations of individual ingredients based on the SimDerma screening results.


  • TEGO® Sterol HCS
    TEGO® Sterol HCS is a water-soluble cholesterol that works with natural ceramides and fatty acids in skin to promote a healthy skin barrier. It enhances formulation delivery and gives the skins lipid matrix the materials needed for improved skin function....

  • Our skin is under a lot of stress - the sun’s rays, airborne pollution, and the slow, on-going aging of skin are a few examples of what the skin handles each day. Now, it is time to give the skin the care it deserves for handling all these intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Evonik’s new TEGO® Sterol HCS (INCI: Cholesteryl Succinate) was created to deliver an enhanced look and feel for the skin.

    TEGO® Sterol HCS is a cholesterol derivative meant to deliver enhanced solubility in formulation compared to normal cholesterol.  This ingredient works with the skin’s endogenous ceramides and fats to create an effective skin barrier by stabilizing their lamellar structures. Further, TEGO® Sterol HCS promotes formulation performance through enhanced formulation incorporation into the lipid matrix to improve the availability of other ingredients.   This can be particularly useful in cosmetic products consisting of nourishing or other skin enhancing agents.

    Contemporary consumers are seeking new solutions for wellness, and they are turning to solutions which not only offer healthy-looking skin results but also offers a luxuriating experience. TEGO® Sterol HCS also addresses these concerns through pleasant sensory characteristics.  So, give your skin the deluxe treatment, with TEGO® Sterol HCS.

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