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Biocogent, LLC is a premier supplier of products to the cosmetic, med-care, and personal care industries. Rooted in biotechnology, Biocogent utilizes pioneering technology in research, development, and manufacturing to provide innovative ingredients to its customers.

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  • Biocogent, LLC, a premier provider of high technology products and services to the personal care and cosmetic industries, has been awarded a Platinum Sustainability Rating from the EcoVadis rating platform for its approach to environmental management, labor and human rights, and ethics.

    Biocogent is committed to ensuring responsible, ethical and ongoing success for this generation and generations to come through compelling science and socially responsible business practices. After receiving a gold medal in 2019 from EcoVadis, Biocogent is thrilled to see improvement and honored to rank amongst the top 1% of all companies assessed.

  • Plump, Firm, Volumize, naturally with Volpura® EP. A clinically-proven plant-derived ingredient that delivers anti-aging and skin-soothing benefits through volumizing, contouring, and skin firming.  Produced from Echinacea purpurea using sophisticated extraction and purification technologies in a process that’s nearly carbon-neutral.  New data shows rapid results in just 10 days.

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  • Volpura® EP
    Volpura® EP, a plant-derived ingredient that addresses skin aging issue by bolstering fat production. Environmentally-friendly, produced with a net-zero carbon footprint....

  • Anti-aging ingredients generally address wrinkling through optical effects or by enhancing extracellular matrix production and skin moisturization.  But skin sagging and wrinkling also result from loss of the underlying fatty tissue that supports the skin.  Volpura® EP, an active ingredient based on Echinacea purpurea, addresses skin aging by bolstering fat production to volumize the hypodermal layer residing immediately beneath the dermis.  This activity is beneficial in anti-aging products for use on the face and hands (diminished fat pads with aging) and for body contouring.  Volpura® EP also has powerful anti-inflammatory benefits and is an environmentally-friendly ingredient that’s produced with a nearly “net-zero” carbon footprint.

    Full product profile availible upon request.

  • DermalRx® FSE
    A marine ferment of Sargassum vulgare extracts rich in bioactive phlorotannins that rejuvenate and protect through the stimulation of the skin’s natural Nucleotide Excision Repair (NER) process of DNA repair....

  • A marine ferment of Sargassum vulgare, rich in bioactive phlorotannins, that stimulate the skin’s natural Nucleotide Excision process of DNA repair.  DermalRx® FSE offers strong anti-oxidant protection It also provides strong anti-pollution activity while inhibiting oxidation and inflammation.

    Sargassum vulgare, the species used in DermalRx® FSE, grows in shallow coastal areas of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.  It also thrives as large, free-floating mats, most notably in the vast Sargasso Sea area of the North Atlantic.  Because of its growth habit, thriving at the water’s surface in tropical and semi-tropical areas, S. vulgare is constantly exposed to intense, DNA-damaging UV radiation from sunlight.  To counter this severe stress, the plant contains high levels of phlorotannins.

  • Grandiciin™
    an anti-blemish ingredient that limits the burden of biofilm-resident C. acnes and prevents tissue-damaging inflammation in blemish-prone skin....

  • an anti-blemish ingredient that limits the burden of biofilm-resident C. acnes and prevents tissue-damaging inflammation in blemish-prone skin.  With activity attributable to the efficacious mix of prenyl flavonoids found in Epimedium sagittatum. Virulent C. acnes strains are more prevalent in acne vulgaris. The biofilm they produce enhances comedone formation, increasing inflammatory tissue damage, and decreasing antibiotic efficacy in routine treatment.  The anti-biofilm activity of Grandiciin™ helps to mitigate all of these pathogenic effects.  In addition, Grandiciin™ directly counters inflammation, thereby providing an extra layer of protection against tissue damage and scarring in severely blemished skin.

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